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Agvisors is an agricultural management and water projects company, we have agricultural advice and land development that operates eco-sustainable farms We consider ourselves caretakers of the soil, so we minimize our use of harmful chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides while taking care to replenish the earth with necessary nutrients.  We always do our work with an eye toward the future.

We focus on making your concern more profitable.  As fourth generation farmers, we know how to address the challenges of large-scale farming in a way that maximizes production while protecting the environment.  We manage our own agricultural concerns and those of multiple local farms and plantations successfully and conscientiously.  Farmers and plantation owners must see profits that allow them to live and retire with financial security.  Our mission is to foster sustainable agriculture that provides an excellent financial return.

We are innovators who have developed processes to maximize the use of organic waste as fertilizer.  Our company also works to produce natural pesticides and fungicides that deliver excellent production results while protecting the environment. AgVisors is dedicated to the research and development of new, eco-friendly products and technologies.  Our research and development efforts are key to our entire organization and allow us to continually improve our methods in the fields.  These methods result in high crop yields and superior quality crops that benefit both producer and consumer.

We understand that farming is more than an occupation: it’s a way of life.  Often, generations of the same family have invested their blood and sweat into the land.  At AgVisors, we honor your history and work ethic and strive to preserve and expand it.  In that way, we endeavor to serve the surrounding community as well.

We are located in Panama but our interests extend worldwide.  Our expertise allows us to provide the best management processes to a variety of farm and plantation situations.  Our commitment to new technology and eco-friendly services benefits everyone in the agricultural field.  At AgVisors, we work to make everything we do both ethical and effective.

We are in the business to make a  farmers dream come true by providing services to transform land into a sustainable and high-productive farm.