Soil and Water Testing


Soil & Water Testing


Part of the planning model includes conducting a soil, water and topographical analysis that allows us to plant the right crop in the right area and to provide it with the water it needs to thrive.

We then administer follow-up testing by using ground sensors to measure the soil moisture and nutrient content.  AgVisors also provides Organic Certification, a process that includes a bi-monthly water test that ensures clean and uncontaminated water.

During the past 4 years our technology partners, SupPlant, developed a unique artificial intelligence system that can analyze data generated from crops through sensors and translate this data into irrigation commands.  Using SupPlant algorithms, the irrigation system is fully automated and computerized. 

To maximize water efficiencies, plants are dressed with 3 sensors which extract real time data every 10 minutes, which then computes information every 30 minutes for precise watering needs to each plant.