Farm Management


check my reference As an international and professional farm management company, we are involved in every aspect of managing your land efficiently and with some of the world’s best technologies.  From crop yields evaluation and development of your land, to day-to-day operation management and post-harvesting operations, AgVisors is there for you every step of the way.  

Our world class experience allows us to attend to the needs of farmers and partners due in part to our existing commercial line where we extend our extensive knowledge and practices to your lands and fields in order to commercialize your harvests.  We master well-built controls and supervision on the packing and exportation processes and, most importantly, we have the market to sell your fruits to.  

Our services are at the forefront of current, sustainable agricultural practices.  The use of new technology is essential to optimizing production while minimizing potential damage to the soil.  Our plantation services employ our partners Supplants system, which uses innovative algorithms to analyze data collected from advanced sensors, advancing your lands development. 

This data is then used to determine Growth-Based Irrigation, a closed-loop irrigation system that is fully autonomous and reacts to plant moisture needs in real time.  This system has been used in 14 of the world’s largest agricultural markets, yielding 30% in water savings and 5% in crop increases. In addition, this data is also used to determine support tools use and aid turn-key agriculture projects.