Farm Management


Farm Management


We are a full, end-to-end management company that is involved in every step of the agricultural process.  We address crop yield evaluation, land development, day-to-day operations, and post-harvesting needs.  Our existing commercial line allows you to properly commercialize your fruits and vegetables and takes you through packing, export and marketing."http:////" We offer precision farming thanks to SupPlant technology.  We have at our disposal real time sensors that precisely measure the needs of the plants.  Sensors monitor the nutrition level of the soil, contraction of the plant and environmental condition.  Those data are fed to a computer that manages the fertilization and irrigation of the plant.  By allowing the system to respond to the need of the plant individually and at the right time, it reduces costs by maximizing water and fertilizer exploitation.

To better understand the process, you could do to an analogy of what salt and water are for humans.  Both are key ingredients of human life, but once consumed in excess, they will give you health issues.  The same applies to the plant, this new technology balance eliminates the guess work of the nutritional content and water needed by the plant. 

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